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When Privacy vs. the Cloud is Important


Moving overseas, whether for a short or extended stay, is always a daunting task.  A critical question that many people unfortunately forget to ask is, “How do I get my U.S. mail forwarded to my new address?”  As an American expat living abroad, you will still receive mail, some of it important and time sensitive.  Manage your mail in a timely, secure fashion with PMI - your professional, experienced, mail forwarding service.

Why choose us?
Personal Mail International or PMI is the pioneer in the mail forwarding industry. Established in 1987 PMI offers so many advantages including not having to have relatives, neighbors, and friends send your personal mail, which will not comprise your privacy…not to mention PMI service is a lot more cost efficient. We are an American based business, owned and operated by women. When you contact PMI, you will not get the dreaded phone loop, hold music or unintelligible voice at the other end of the phone. We guarantee you human interaction with an articulate, responsive, experienced, mail concierge. Listed below are a few really helpful mail forwarding services that we offer:

Packages and Consolidation
In shipping, the first pound off the ground is the most expensive.  It is approximately 80% more economical to consolidate several packages into one larger package as opposed to sending individual packages. We will receive and consolidate your packages at PMI. In addition to checking all country rules and regulations, we prepare the required custom forms for you. PMI provides a US based physical address to receive your mail and package deliveries.  We give you the option to remove hangers or additional boxes, even any unnecessary packing material in order for your items to fit into a smaller package. If you receive several packages from different places, we will consolidate them into one box. These services will help you save some big shipping bucks!

Endless Junk Mail?
Unlike other mail services, PMI does not charge you for each piece of mail received. You do not pay for the receipt of mail that you consider junk. Just because you moved abroad, your junk mail still exists.  Not to worry, Personal Mail International will discard your junk mail for you!  Your security and privacy is important to us, so we make sure to shred securely. The shred service is our no charge gift to you.

Just like your luggage, all packages entering into a foreign country must go through customs.  Our mail professionals will make sure that your packages meet all custom requirements so you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment or unnecessary cost of attempting to ship prohibited items. In addition, we will prepare all of the required forms per your host country rules and regulations.

Share Plans
Add your immediate family members to your PMI account and we will receive their packages and mail at no additional membership/service charge. We will even send mail to their US based college address.


To learn more about Personal Mail International contact us through our website by clicking here, email us at, or call us at 973-543-6001 or toll free at 800-548-3622.