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Meet Our Management Team

Ruth Sayward - CEO and Founder                                                                                         
Ruth's experience in international human resources at a Fortune 500 company made her conscious of a serious gap in services provided to expatriates - - they needed consistent, reliable mail service!   Ruth decided to provide this service, became an entrepreneur and established Personal Mail International, PMI Expatriate Mail Services, in 1987,  the only mail forwarding-receiving industry for USA families living abroad.  PMI’s high standards of receiving and shipping packages, mail, medications, library and home school materials relieved corporations of the “mail burden”.  Especially appreciated by expatriates and their families for almost 33 years, PMI is proud of this original solution made on their behalf.

Ruth’s personal history includes years of working toward world peace and relief of hunger.  She graduated from Drew University, Madison, NJ in 1981.  Later, for Princeton Seminary, she worked on community organization in Trenton.  Ruth lives on Vinalhaven Island off the coast of Maine and continues her active participation in PMI.  She is proud of the ”PMI family”.

Dornell Cronk – President

Dornell has been with the PMI for over 25 years. Because of her ability and willingness to take on additional work, Dornell has held positions of graduating responsibility within the company. During her tenure at PMI, she has had experience in practically every area of the business. Dornell is an excellent resource with a wealth of knowledge of the mail industry. She maintains excellent relationships with PMI vendors and negotiates discounted pricing that we pass along to our clients. Over the years, Dornell has made many contributions to streamline the workflow and increase PMI productivity. She values spending time with her family, enjoys reading, and cooking. Dornell is a busy woman outside of her professional life at PMI. As a mother of three girls, she devotes her spare time to coaching travel soccer. Clients and our PMI team enjoy the benefit of Dornell’s energy and dedication to the business.

Lisa Cannon – Senior Account Executive    

Lisa is responsible for sales and service initiation for all potential and new corporate and independent clients. Lisa is extremely knowledgeable of PMI’s service offerings and options. She will spend as long as necessary with our clients to provide a clear understanding of our services. Lisa is the “go to person” for any questions regarding PMI service. When you work with Lisa, you get the benefit of her 23 years of PMI experience. Lisa maintains excellent relationships with her long-term relocation contacts. Lisa is passionate about providing clarity and understanding of all that PMI has to offer. Over the years, Lisa consistently maintains a high level of customer service and satisfaction for PMI clients. Her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from William Paterson University with a concentration in Intercultural Communications has come in handy at PMI. In the past, she has worked in Finance, Marketing, and Government Contracting. Lisa enjoys spending time with friends and family. She has a talent for entertaining and experimenting with new recipes. She has consistently volunteered over the years as a track coach for the local recreation team. As a former cheerleader, she continues to cheer for her three sons at their various sporting events.

Amy Wiggins – Package / Parcel Shipping and Compliance Manager

Amy has worked in PMI’s Export Department for the past 14+ years. During that time, she has assisted many customers shipping widely diverse item while carefully navigating the ever-changing customs waters. She works closely with customers to understand their unique needs. Whether it is to ship prescriptions, birthday party supplies ASAP, a specially chosen gift for a distant parent or those items that are just not available outside the US to satisfy a homesick assignee Amy is up to the task. She works hard to make sure each shipment is sent as cost effectively as possible. Amy’s attention not only to detail but also to caring makes her one of our most appreciated service representatives. Prior to PMI Amy worked at a large Insurance Company exporting written documents to various multi media. In her spare time, Amy enjoys working out at the gym and participating in Spin Class. Her moments of free time are spent keeping up with her two lab puppies, and reading.



To learn more about Personal Mail International contact us through our website by clicking here, email us at, or call us at 973-543-6001 or toll free at 800-548-3622.