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Small Business Solutions

Personal Mail International is committed to providing small businesses with solutions to their mail and package forwarding needs in order to support their continue growth.

International Orders
If you are a small business located in the U.S., there’s a chance you’ll have to send packages internationally.  Personal Mail International will ship to your customers regardless of location.  Our experienced mail concierge team will make sure that your packages are sent out in a timely fashion without error and will work to make sure they are within destination country compliance with regulations.

Address in USA
Providing small businesses located outside the United States with an USA address.

Why choose us
Personal Mail International is a leading mail forwarding service that is easy to use and provides excellent service to all customers.  We bring growth to your company by allowing you to focus on sales and opportunities while also saving money on shipping.  PMI is a trustworthy, reliable and ethical mail forwarding service for small businesses and we pride ourselves on providing peace of mind for your business. PMI is an American based business located in the New York City tri-state area in upscale Chester, New Jersey. PMI is owned and operated by American women.



To learn more about Personal Mail International contact us through our website by clicking here, email us at, or call us at 973-543-6001 or toll free at 800-548-3622.